12-month sampler pack

We can do a 12-song set that moves sequentially through one song from each of the twelve themed months. The Naturals & Dr. Goulet are fully capable of knocking out some serious rock n' roll sets on their own, and we can always bring in a female lead singer or duet partner for songs needing additional vocals.

These "sampler pack" sets are great for smaller events where you're considering booking the band for larger gigs. For more info contact us at rockaolive604@gmail.com

Here's an example set...

  1. Pearl Jam: "Release"
  2. The Who: "Who Are You"
  3. Fleetwood Mac: "The Chain"
  4. Amy Winehouse: "Valerie"
  5. Lorde: "Royals"
  6. Frank Sinatra: "Fly Me to the Moon"
  7. CCR: "Born on the Bayou"
  8. Temple of the Dog: "Say Hello 2 Heaven"
  9. Led Zeppelin: "Ramble On"
  10. Ozzy Osbourne: "No More Tears"
  11. Nirvana: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
  12. AC/DC: "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n' Roll)"


or how about...

  1. Pearl Jam: "Alive"
  2. The Guess Who: "American Woman"
  3. Fleetwood Mac: "Dreams"
  4. Amy Winehouse: "Back to Black"
  5. Queens of the Stone Age: "No One Knows"
  6. Pink Floyd: "Comfortably Numb"
  7. John Cougar Mellencamp: "Pink Houses"
  8. Florence & the Machine: "The Dog Days Are Over"
  9. Led Zeppelin: "Good Times Bad Times"
  10. Black Sabbath: "War Pigs"
  11. Foo Fighters: "Learn to Fly"
  12. AC/DC: "Jailbreak"


or even...

  1. Pearl Jam: "Even Flow"
  2. The Who: "My Generation"
  3. Fleetwood Mac: "You Can Go Your Own Way"
  4. Amy Winehouse: "Rehab"
  5. Prince: "Purple Rain"
  6. David Bowie: "Space Oddity"
  7. The National: "All The Wine"
  8. TV on the Radio: "Wolf Like Me"
  9. Led Zeppelin: "Whole Lotta Love"
  10. Ozzy Osbourne: "Mama I'm Coming Home"
  11. The Cult: "Nirvana"
  12. AC/DC: "You Shook Me All Night Long"


Now those are some pretty cool setlists, eh? Lots and lots of combinations and permutations. *Call in the next 10 minutes to order! :)