YOUR HOST: Dr. Goulet, professional voiceman!

Need a host? Don't worry, you've got one anyway... and he can CROON! Yeeeeaaaahhhh...

COST: Dr. Goulet's hosting and performance fees are currently built into the prices of both The Naturals' Rockaoke Live! show, as well as with Eddie's Piano Karaoke. so no need to worry. If you have your own host, the doctor is available to help out on other event needs, including serenades! Also, additional host/emcee possibilities will be added here as we build out the talent roster, so you'll have more options to choose from.

But who is Dr. Goulet? What is Dr. Goulet? And is he always in character? 

No, he's not always in character (he has an actual name, see below). But when he is in form, it's a reference to (1) a Will Farrell character, (2) a legendary Canadian crooner and actor who may have messed up a national anthem, (3) the Iron Man movie franchise and its leading man, and (4) the literary and legendary frontman for Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip. You get the idea... GOULET! 

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman Dr. Robert Downie Goulet.

Robert Goulet: Hello I'm Dr. Robert Downie Goulet Da da de da da do. I know one thing we can agree on is when a professional gets his mitts on a song that's when it really takes off. Da da de da da do ba dob a do. That's why I've gone out and done the music world a frickin' service, and teamed up with The Naturals, SetCrafter™, and a little thing called Rockaoke Live!  Ha Ha Ha A little inside I know. Anyway what you get is three sets of rip roarin' custom-crafted live music entertainment. Not by some dubious ruffians without the chops, but by a face-melting band and a professionally trained voice man. Real musical accompaniment. It's just me out there, with a band. Or maybe it's you up there, also with a band. Dig it!

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