Adding Live Karaoke to Your Event

This Shopify storefront site is in progress and not operational (beta). Our $1 "jukebox" function is for demonstration only at the moment, but will allow event planners and potential singers to select songs using this website. Please stand by as changes, edits, and fixes are being made. For booking enquiries, contact us directly at

While The Naturals & Dr. Goulet can function perfectly well as a face-melting customizable cover band, you can also add even more interactivity to your event with our "live band karaoke" services. This is where your audience can join in onstage to sing with the band!

Once again, the band and their host will open and close each set with an unannounced song, which will fit any theme if necessary. Between these, the middle ten songs of each set will be available for audience participation, karaoke-style, but with real instruments backing up the singers.

JUKEBOX MODEL: Once our storefront is operational, event planners will be able to book the band and receive an "VIP access code" (Shopify discount code) to custom craft the setlists, or that can be sent out to attendees for pre-booking songs they want to sing. We can limit the number of "purchases per customer" to make sure enough people get a chance to join in. 

For any of your selections, Dr. Goulet can help out on the singing if needed, and he is also available for duets! We can bring in our talented backup singers and extra instruments as well. It's all customizable, we just need your voices to lead the way!