Welcome to Rockaoke Live! v2.0, or, a thing we like to call SetCrafter

This Shopify storefront site is in progress and not operational (beta). Our $1 "jukebox" function is for demonstration only at the moment, but will allow event planners and potential singers to select songs using this website. Please stand by as changes, edits, and fixes are being made. For booking enquiries, contact us directly at

 emerged from a 2013 "live band karaoke" concept by Vancouver band The Naturals – Justin Brown, Eddie Lam, and Jarrett Plett. Late in the year they met Joel Flynn – a digital media, educational technology, and innovation researcher from Simon Fraser University – who was blown away by the band's then paper list of 300+ songs to play on demand and open to singers to join in. He'd never seen anything like this and was pretty much hooked on their idea... a.k.a. Rockaoke Live!

As Flynn was working with ecommerce technologies at the time he met the band, he soon proposed a quick demo Shopify storefront as way to replace the band's paper-based Rockaoke Live! prototype. The storefront idea was put off to the side, but Flynn still continued working with The Naturals on their live band karaoke concept. It was just too interactively compelling, audiences really love it, and he also flat out loves to sing... loudly! The band eventually brought Flynn onboard as host/vocalist in August of 2014 under the stage name "Dr. Robert Downie Goulet, professional voiceman"

At this point they really began integrating interactive mobile-based user interfaces and cloud-based digital media content architectures (mostly using the Trello project management application). They added theme-based marketing concepts, starting with the month of September, which then became the month of "Zepptember" (of course it did!). By the start of 2015, they had theme months running from "Pearl Jamuary" to "AC/DCember".

The themed months eventually tied in with the $20+ billion craft beer industry through sponsorships, theme-packs, and the slogan "real band, real beer". Not just a source of liquid karaoke courage, the craft beer focus eventually led to working with Vancouver's Parallel 49 and the launch of their "Brews Brothers" rock n' roll themed collaborative 12-pack, as well as Calgary's Big Rock Brewery and its new Vancouver-based Big Rock Urban brewery, restaurant, and live stage. More on our craft beer focus... HERE.

We've done smaller backyard parties that have been a lot of fun, as well as regular public events at local Vancouver venues. We've also done large attendance events for companies like Traction on Demand and Mozilla, and orginazations like the Canadian Home Builders Association and the Canada Winter Games. Find out more of our past work, including testimonials... HERE.

All told, the goal for the platform was – and still is – to give audiences a new kind of participation with the live music experience.

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