Lyric Needs From Beginner to Expert

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The best experience for singers is of course with songs they know by heart. That way they can really feel like rockstars singing like they're part of the band (*recommended!). However, if lyrics are needed we do have the option of a simple iPad system with lyrics on display for all the songs listed in our catalog. You'll have to scroll/zoom them as needed, but often all that's required to get you through a lyric is a quick glance and the knowledge the words are there for you.

We can also provide onstage karaoke-style video lyrics if that's what you're familiar and confident with. The Natuals & Dr. Goulet have been using international karaoke company Recisio's super helpful "KaraFun" streaming video app. The app is a great way to practice your songs in advance It works on  WindowsMac iPad iPhone Android as well as on the Web. We hope to be able to integrate KaraFun more tightly into our SetCrafter™ platform, but for now you can search its database for one of our songs to practice along with.

Note: For karaoke video lyrics to be included in our show, we do need advance notice for setup. If the video lyrics for your song are not available on KaraFun, we can create our own version but will need additional prep time.