Charity Events

This Shopify storefront site is in progress and not operational (beta). Our $1 "jukebox" function is for demonstration only at the moment, but will allow event planners and potential singers to select songs using this website. Please stand by as changes, edits, and fixes are being made. For booking enquiries, contact us directly at

The way that SetCrafter™ is configured, especially with the "Invitational" sets, allows for it to be used very effectively for charity events and fundraisers. The fundraising aspects can take place in the lead-up to the event, not just at the event itself, similar to pledges that happen for charity running and walking events etc. 

For an example of how the "Invitational" headlining set can be used for fundraising , have a look at the proposed craft beer festival afterparty coming up in October in "Upcoming Events" and how it ties into raising money for a local cause.

Also, another past example of our live band karaoke platform being used for fundraising was Vancouver tech company Elastic Path's fundraiser for "an FH Canada project in Mufumya, Burundi - to bring light to rural education by building a new school and supplying it with solar powered energy and a clean water source."

More on this event can be found here: