Custom Cover Band Option

This Shopify storefront site is in progress and not operational (beta). Our $1 "jukebox" function is for demonstration only at the moment, but will allow event planners and potential singers to select songs using this website. Please stand by as changes, edits, and fixes are being made. For booking enquiries, contact us directly at

A full show with The Naturals & Dr. Goulet works with 3 sets of 12 songs for a full 36 songs for your event. They'll open and close each set with a song of their choosing, and the remainder are up to you to customize, so that's 30 songs to consider for your three sets. You can select songs à la carte for the band to play for your show, or use one of our many themes...

Make use of our  themes if they fit your event or fundraising theme, or even if you think the theme will play well to your audience. The band will confirm your song selections as soon as possible, or will provide alternates if not (*NOTE: we are working on a "help desk" application that will manage song requests, song prep, and alternate suggestions).

We can even bring in additional instruments and/or our team of talented backup female singers in support, if needed. Yet whether operating as a 4-piece or as a larger team with backup singers and/or extra instruments, we're certain to provide you with a legitimate rock n' roll show. And the versatility is there to step into other genres with skill and gusto to fit the mood and vibe. Tell us what you need and we'll put it together.

We even have some "sampler" sets to consider... HERE.