If you want to get up on stage with Vancouver's talent backing band The Naturals to sing a song (or maybe more if we can!), this website will help you "pre-order" a spot on stage and will help the band prep your song in advance. 


  • Browse the band's extensive 500+ song catalogue, or use the search feature to see if they have your song/artist.

  • Use the main menu tabs to browse the band's creatively devised monthly themes (from "Pearly Jamuary" to "AC/DCember"). There are even more themes available if you still need song ideas!

  • Once you've found a song you'd like to request to sing on Saturday, click "View" to get to it's page.

  • Have a look the "Select Lyric Level" pulldown menu to see what options are available for onstage lyrics and/or help from the host and backing singers (e.g. for duets and group). Don't worry, the band has your back!

  • PLEASE NOTE: we have by default all the song lyrics available on stage via a mounted iPad you can look to and scroll as needed.

  • With advance notice, we may be able to pre-arrange a karaoke lyric video for your song(s) BUT this is subject to licensing and availability of the videos.

  • Simply email rockaokelive604@gmail.com and we'll get back to ASAP with a confirmation (*the ecommerce store song "ordering" does work, but an email to the band is fine).

That's it! Thanks and see you on Saturday night, and here's a preview of the band...