Monthly Themes

Welcome to Rockaoke Live! v2.0, or, a thing we like to call SetCrafter

We rotate our taps here at SetCrafter™. Our philosophy is to keep songs fresh and interesting, so we've created a set of creative and engaging monthly themes! This helps us focus on a subset of songs from our massive catalog, while giving the audience a different themes to look forward to each and every month. 

Have a look at these beauties...

  1. January --> Pearl Jamuary
  2. February --> FebWHOary
  3. March --> Fleetwood March
  4. April --> April Winehouse
  5. May --> The Royal Month of May
  6. June --> Dark Side of the June
  7. July --> The National Anthems of July
  8. August --> Dog Days of August
  9. September --> Zepptember
  10. October --> Ozztober
  11. November --> Nirvember
  12. December --> AC/DCember

Our craft beer marketing focus also allows us to coordinate these creatively themed months with local breweries looking to promote their tasty products. We're even hoping to connect these monthly themes to a regular podcast and/or radio show that brings musicians and craft beer into the studio for songs and chit chat. Everyone wins!

† March and April lists are in development. Currently combined with the "Springsteen Showers" theme.