As you must be surely aware, there's a BIG party happening this weekend (Saturday, January 14) at Steel Toad Brewing for the team at Omega Mechanical and its guests. This party will feature an exciting new live music entertainment concept called Rockaoke Live! It's karaoke... but with a real live band with over 500 songs to select from.

If you want to get up on stage with Vancouver's talent backing band The Naturals to sing a song (or maybe more if we can!), this website will help you "pre-order" a spot on stage and will help the band prep your song in advance. Here's how it works...


  • Browse the band's extensive 500+ song catalogue, or use the search feature to see if they have your song/artist.

  • Use the main menu tabs to browse the band's creatively devised monthly themes (from "Pearly Jamuary" to "AC/DCember"). There are even more themes available if you still need song ideas!

  • Once you've found a song you'd like to request to sing on Saturday, click "View" to get to it's page.

  • Use the "Select Lyric Level" pulldown menu to indicate how much help you need with onstage lyrics and/or help from the host (e.g. duets). Don't worry, the band has your back!

  • PLEASE NOTE: we have by default all the song lyrics available on stage via a mounted iPad you can look to and scroll as needed. With advance notice, we may be able to pre-arrange a karaoke lyric video BUT this is subject to licensing and availability of the videos. You can request this option in the "Select Lyric Level" pulldown and we'll do our best to arrange it.


  1. Once you've found your song and select your lyric needs, click the red "Start Request Process" button. You're song request will be sent to your "shopping cart", but still needs to be completed.

  2. To complete your song request, click on your "shopping cart" icon or click the "Your requests" tab, which will show all the requests that are waiting to be sent to the band. 

  3. Optional: If you have any special instructions (e.g. different key or tempo etc.) use the available text box, but otherwise leave this field blank.

  4. Click the red "Go to Checkout" button in order to enter your stage name information.

  5. IMPORTANT!!! Remove the $1 minimum song charges by entering the code "OMEGA" before completing your request/order. No credit card is required at all for this process.

  6. Your request should then be sent to the band and to the event organizers. If there are any issues with the request, we will followup asap.


If you have any direct questions for the band, or just want to email your song requests directly, do so to and we'll get back to you right quick. 

Thanks and see you on Saturday night!