On the Road

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We're not currently on tour, though the proposed Beerfest afterparty in Campbell River BC serves as a test run for the kind of events we're aiming for. For example, we've looked at how the platform would fit at locations across the country. 

The Canadian Touring Opportunity 

A map of Canada's craft beer market in back in 2012 looked like this...

Since this time, Calgary's Big Rock Brewery – with whom we've worked previously –has done a "brand rehabilitation" involving local product produced in new brew pubs in Vancouver and Toronto (via its most recent expansion into Ontario). Big Rock therefore is a "natural" (ha!) fit for a sponsor in the band's goal of taking the show across Canada. 

We'd look at also trying to partner up with a musical equipment rental provider, such as Long & McQuade to make logistics simple and cost effective. The company serves the Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montréal markets, as well several locations across Ontario.

West Coast Craft Beer Festival Tour 

We've also put together a tour package to target the many craft beer festivals along the west coast of North America.

In keeping with our theme of "twelve", we've identified twelve key craft beer markets to target, with a smaller subset of five to build from: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego. If the smaller tour shows promise, the concept can be scaled up to look at the larger North American context, as shown here with Sierra Nevada's "Beer Camp Across America" collaboration pack and traveling music festival...

Making the Rounds in the Hometown 

On the local side, the Vancouver craft beer landscape looks like this...

There are enough local breweries here in Vancouver to pull 10-12 feature craft bottles or taps together, and rotate them regularly, to make for an ongoing live music event. With the Railway Club shut down, the ANZA Club (located in a prime craft beer area) might make a lot of sense, if only for the acronym, i.e. "Australia New Zealand Association"...

On the Road in Australia 

Meanwhile, over in Australia the craft beer market is still developing with the number of breweries displayed by city on this map...

Australia presents a potential five-stop tour framework to test out similar concepts, and a potential integration point with the Urban Informatics Research Lab and Digital Media Research Centre that are part of the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. For more on this Australian connection, see HERE.


To discuss any of the SetCrafter initiatives further, please contact us directly at rockaokelive604@gmail.com