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This Shopify storefront site is in progress and not operational (beta). The $1 "jukebox" function is for demonstration only at the moment, but will allow event planners and potential singers to select songs right off this website. Please stand by as changes, edits, and fixes are being made. For booking opportunities please contact us directly at Thank you!
The Naturals are a versatile 3-piece rock n' roll band from Vancouver, British Columbia. All three members are involved in local music projects, but originally came together as a "live karaoke" experiment in early 2003 with drummer Jarrett Plett and guitarist/keyboardist Eddie Lam, later joined by bassist Justin Brown


The band added a full time singer & host in 2014 when Joel Flynn joined the team. Of course he needed a stage name, and so took on the role of Dr. Robert Downie Goulet, Professional Voiceman! "Ha Ha Ha.. A little inside I know. Anyway..." if you need to find out more click the image or link... 

We may have some backup hosts to add in here, in case the good doctor is ill or unavailable, and in the meantime we have some online radio and interviews where you can get introduced to the team HERE.

Due to our involvement in the local Vancouver music community, we have the ability to bring in additional instruments as needed for events (e.g. strings & horns for black tie jazz events, etc.). We even have a talented trio of singers – Donna, Danielle, and Tiffany – that step our shows up to the next level, especially for conference events.