Three Set Formats Available

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For live karaoke sets, three options are available: (1) "Open", (2) "Theme", and (3) "Invitational". Any combination of these three options is fine to suit the timing needs of your event. The most common arrangement is to have go with "Open" for the opening set, "Theme" for the middle, i.e. feature set, and "Invitational" as the headlining set. Or switch it up! Hey, it's your event to customize!
  • Open: This set is first-come-first-served, and can be incentivized with prizes, games, and/or other features to get people into the even early. For more info... HERE.
  • Theme: Normally involving the monthly theme, this set can also make use of any of our other themed collections for a crafting a powerful 12-song live experience. For more info... HERE.
  • Invitational: Normally this is the headlining set, and is where you send us song and singer requests and we invite you up on stage. For more info... HERE.
So there you go: pick your format(s), your songs, your singers, your lyrical needs, etc. and we'll craft you the most fun and participatory live music sets you can imagine... maybe yet to imagine!

For an example of how the three set format can be designed, have a look at the proposed craft beer festival afterparty coming up in October in "Upcoming Events".

Contact us at  to discuss and we'll work something out to meet your needs.